Remote monitoring is no more remote, with our Pond monitoring system

CZIOT Pond Monitoring Solution As a Life Saver for your Aqua Culture

Our Pond Monitoring Solution provides your aquaculture farming with the much needed technology push it deserves. With water quality being the primary focus area, aquaculture farmers across the world are looking towards reducing the risks attached to their farming initiative using next generation technologies. With complete automation of pond monitoring, aquaculture farmers can now reap the benefits of improved yield and enhanced productivity.


Our Solution:
Capability to monitor Dissolved Oxygen,PH level and temperature as part of standard
Additional sensors like TDS,Conductivity, salinity can be added on request
CE certified Sensors
Commitment of 98% accuracy in readings
Coverage of complete supply chain(From manufacturing to retail)
Complete automation completely obviating the need of manual reading collection
Real time alerts through multi-modal communication channels
Advanced rules engine tailored specific to customer’s business.
Cloud based hosted platform with web/mobile capabilities
Actionable business intelligence

Value proposition of our Pond Monitoring solution
In a shrimp pond of  dimensions 1 acre(43560 sq-feets) lakhs of shrimp seeds are placed.
Six months later thousands of kilos approximately of alive adult shrimp are collected.
Product losses are about 40%-50% in number of animals on an average(mostly because of
preventable diseases that can be avoided if water quality is controlled)
The revenue and profitability is also dependent on the Shrimp size. Typically 8-10 Shrimp per kg
is considered a  good yield.
Real-time monitoring at the fish farm could help to cut down the number of animals lost between
Also the Shrimp Size could be improved which has a dramatical impact on the profitability.
The difference of turnover for each crop would be staggering if the water quality is maintained.
Considering the useful life of our device as 5 years, a customer multiplies the benefits with every

Floating Device
Sends a reading once every hour.
Reading frequency can be changed as per customers requirements
The useful life of device is 5 years
Watertight enclosure which is IP67/IP66 compliant mounted on Galvanized metal structure
Solar Panel based self charging. 12V/20 AH Battery with about 1 week backup
GSM based connectivity


CE Certified imported sensors

    • Standard version: Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen , PH level sensors monitoring
    • Also delta version measure Salinity, Conductivity and TDS additionally
    • Galvanic sensor for DO
    • Glass Sensor for PH calculation
    • Fully immersed in water with continuous readings  to bring in complete automation in measurement
    • The sensor life is as suggested by OEM which is 5 years with maintenance required every 18

months and re-calibration every 12 months.

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