Web and Mobile based Interface for our Pond Management System

Solution for monitoring your business critical  parameters

Neer Yantra comprises a multichannel (Web and Mobile based) platform which empowers aquaculture farmers to
monitor the health of their Pond independent of the location. Our Platform comprises a cloud based hosted
solution with Web and Mobile apps available on Android and IOS platforms. No longer does aquaculture
farmers have to take readings of the water quality late at night or odd hours as readings shall be readily
available to you at any location across the world.


Neer Yantra platform provides following offerings as part of its service stack:
Off-the-shelf Cloud based software platform 2) Customised on premise Portals 3) Device
engineering with CE certified sensors 4) Installation and post deployment support 5) Consulting
services for business intelligence


Our Platform Features:
Mobile and Web based platform for people on the move – APP is available on ANDROID/IOS
Multi model communication : SMS and Email Alerts
Location Intelligence
Actionable business intelligence
Predictive analytics
Cloud based Hosted platform
KPI Monitoring
Device Management
Configurable parameters thresholds
Industry Best practices
Sensors: Digital and analog Wireless OR Wired sensors

Microcontrollers : With local storage and analysis capabilities
Internet Connectivity: Either Ethernet based, Wi-Fi based or GSM based
Embedded Logic:
To do local analysis of data, to perform data caching if the connectivity is not there.
To take real-time action on data where ever required.
To gather the sensor data and stream the data through gateway to the rest of the IOT pipeline.
Gateway: The gateway is the interface of the sensor platform with the rest of the system.

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