Neer Yantra Pond Monitoring Solution as a Boon for your Aqua Culture

It is a well-known fact that shrimp farming is a very profitable business but comes with its own share of risks. The shrimps are very susceptible to infections and diseases because of Bacterial and viral infection. Shrimp farmers need to maintain a very strict ambient environmental parameter like Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Salinity, PH, Dissolved ammonia to produce shrimps which are of internationally acceptable quality. These controlled conditions need to maintained during the hatchery to grow out phase. A knowledge about the impact of these parameters on your aquaculture is of utmost importance to run your Shrimp business profitably. Some of these impacts are listed as under :

Dissolved oxygen (DO):

Dissolved oxygen is the most important factor to ensure success in the aquaculture production. Low dissolved oxygen in the water can cause mortalities of shrimp and fish. The suggested level of dissolved oxygen for shrimps is equal or higher than 5 ppm. Oxygen concentration reduces depending on the depth of water and water aeration would be required at regular intervals to ensure normalcy.. Dissolved oxygen level tends to decrease when temperature and salinity decrease.


In aquaculture, fluctuations in pH levels can affect physical elements and health of the species. Advised pH for water in shrimp ponds is pH = 7.2-8.8. The best suggested value is from 7.8 – 8.5. pH fluctuation during a day time should not overshoot 0.5 . If pH changes significantly, it can make shrimp and fish shocked, weak and stop to eat. If high or low levels of pH continues for a longish duration of time , it will hamper shrimp growth and make them susceptible to diseases.

Water Temperature

Shrimp and fish are essentially cold-blooded species (poikilotherm). Their temperature changes according to exposure to external environment. This is different from human body temperature as we are warm-blooded creatures. Temperature has an impact on respiration, food intake, assimilation of food, immune system, growth, etc.

Water Salinity has an effect on the Size and weight of the shrimps. Within optimal temperature range , the tolerance to Salinity is wide and good growth can be expected in the range of 25 and 45%.

Our CZIOT pond monitoring solution is based on internet of things based technology and enables Shrimps and Fish farmers to have peace of mind and also high yields at a low cost. The solution constantly monitors water quality parameters of Ponds. We know that the critical concerns of a Pond are:


  • Dissolved Oxygen depletion
  • Temperature, PH and Salinity variations
  • No clean and systematic assistance
  • Water quality degradation
  • Animal morality of fish in ponds is more than 25%
  • High Production cost in terms of electricity and Feed conversion.

Our pond monitoring solution offers remote monitoring and controlling including Hardware Components and embedded logic which measures the following parameters:

  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • PH Value
  • Dissolved ammonia
  • Salinity
  • Temperature Measurement


These are measured through cloud data streaming using our superior internet of things cloud based Web and Mobile user interface. You get a dedicated dashboard for your personal monitoring which provides Real Time Measurement, Alert Management, Location based intelligence and multi-location options in one optimized and affordable solution. We are proud to be introducing this revolutionary technology in pond monitoring for providing a clean and efficient solution.

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