Following Best Practices in Pond Management with our Pond Monitoring System

Proper pond  management and check on water quality is essential to successful and quality shrimp production. To an aquaculture farmer , the success of shrimp farming initiative is not just limited to increase in productivity but also improvement of yield in the farming.


The goal of any farming initiative is to provide a good quality environment, thereby reducing shrimp stress and promoting shrimp health and quality. Shrimp are normally exposed disease-causing organisms in pond waters. The immune system of healthy shrimp can normally defend against infection. However, once shrimp are exposed to environmental factors such as poor quality water, their immunity is reduced and they become prone to diseases.

Some important parameters that requires constant check are the following:

Temperature    26-300 C

Salinity 15-32 ppt

Dissolved Oxygen >4.0 mg/l

pH  7.0-8.5

Free Ammonia (NH3) < 0.15 mg/l

Nitrite (NO2) < 4.5 mg/l

Our Pond Monitoring System

Our Pond monitoring system called CZIOT provides a complete automated solution to this issue. Some of the parameters where we add value are:

  • Introducing real-time completely automated remote monitoring technology
  • Condition based instead of schedule based monitoring
  • Reducing operational cost
  • Bringing Predictability in Aquaculture farming by reducing risk
  • Bring high value predictions using machine learning
  • Covering the complete supply chain including the transportation leg (reefer containers Trucks and terminals)
  • Ability to monitor wide range of parameters like Dissolved Oxygen, PH, Temperature, Salinity, Conductivity, TDS etc.

Our Pond Monitoring System Data Sheet


  • Floating Device
  • Sends a reading once every hour. This can be changed as per customers requirements
  • The useful life of device is 5 years
  • Watertight enclosure(IP67/IP66) compliant mounted on Galvanized metal structure
  • Warranty: 1year


  • The standard version has Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen , PH level sensors
  • Also delta version measure Salinity, Conductivity and TDS additionally
  • Galvanic sensor for DO calculation(Atlas Scientific make CE certified Sensor)
  • The device uses Glass Sensor for PH calculation
  • Fully immersed with continuous readings to bring in complete automation in measurement
  • The sensor life is as suggested by OEM which is 5 years with maintenance required every 18 months and recalibration every 12 months.


  • Solar panel based self charging capabilities.
  • 12V/20 AH battery which gives 4 days of backup
  • Can also run on electricity


  • GSM based connectivity



With our pond monitoring solution providing a complete stack solution, your Shrimp farming initiative will get the boost it deserves in terms of improved productivity and yield.


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