IOT based next generation Pond Monitoring System take care of your Pond Management

Internet of things technology has taken the world by storm. Right from smart cars to smart cities to Smart home, devices are taking full control of sensing the environmental parameters to bring better monitoring and controlling capabilities to an ever connected users.With a better control over their day-to-day lives , the connected users can afford a better lifestyle supported with better decision making.

Aquaculture industry is one of the top industry which needs technology push because this is projected as one of an alternate source of income to boost employment by various state governments across India.

Our Pond Monitoring System called CZIOT has been designed and developed keeping the high risks associated with aquaculture farming in mind. With our real-time-monitoring capabilities , our Pond monitoring system gives a dramatic boost to the Aquaculture farming yield and productivity.

Our Pond Monitoring System

Our Pond Monitoring System comes with all the necessary hardware and software to enable a seamless and effort less Pond Monitoring activity. The parameters which we can monitor are:

  • Temperature
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • PH level
  • Salinity
  • Conductivity
  • TDS
  • ORP

The standard version of our device has Dissolved Oxygen, PH and temperature measuring capabilities.

Our System Components

The primary components for our Pond Monitoring System are our Solar powered hardware device, hosted cloud platform comprising Web and mobile based monitoring capabilities, SMS and email based alert capabilities. historical and predictive analytics to assist decision making for pond owners and also enable continuous improvement.  We have different product variants which can work even if you don’t have GSM connectivity near your ponds.


Our Pond Monitoring System (CZIOT) is a one stop solution to enable a technology led smart monitoring of your Ponds. You are in complete control of any unforeseen situation which can crop up if there is an unfavorable fluctuation in the critical parameter. With our next generation IOT technology, pond monitoring gets the necessary push towards productivity it deserves. Please contact us to know more our visit to know more about our Pond Monitoring System



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