PranisCOM technologies rebrands their Fish Pond monitoring system to better cater to the Indian Aquaculture industry

PranisCOM technologies is a company founded by senior professionals from Logistics/Supply chain, Information technology, Electronics and communication industry. Our passion for cutting wastage in the production and supply chain made us design an internet-of-things based Pond Monitoring system for Aquaculture industry.

Indian Government is promoting Aquaculture farming initiative through their Blue revolution effort which intends to generate unprecedented employment opportunities for the village youth across the country.  The Government wants to give subsidized option to farmers who wish to take up aquaculture farming as a profession.

One of the most critical issues in front of any aquaculture farmer is to reduce risks associated with their farming effort due to unfavorable changes in the critical parameters for their Fish/Shrimp farms.The enormity of this problem can be judged by the fact that 2-3 out of 5 farming initiatives go bad and the average loss in the supply chain is in excess of 50%.

Our Pond Monitoring System has been designed to address this compelling need of aquaculture farmers.

Our Fish Pond Monitoring System rebranded

We have re-branded our Fish Pond Monitoring System from CZIOT to NEER YANTRA keeping in mind the demands of Indian Aquaculture industry in Mind.

Neer Yantra assists Aquaculture community to monitor and control parameters which are critical for ensuring high productivity and yield of their farming effort. The standard version of our device can monitor following critical parameters.

Dissolved Oxygen

PH level


The delta version of our Fish Pond monitoring System also enables monitoring of additional parameters like Salinity, Conductivity , TDS , ORP level for situations where water quality demands monitoring of additional parameters .


The re branding of our platform has been done keeping in mind the Indian farming community in mind to better connect with our target customers. Please visit our website to know further details about our platform.



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