Our Water Quality Monitoring System called NEER YANTRA adds oxidation reduction potential as a new water quality monitoring Parameter to improve our industry reach

Water Quality Monitoring system

Oxidation reduction potential refers to the ability of water to cleanse itself by making sure that the bacteria that decompose dead tissues and contaminants can work more effectively. If we try to interpret it, a high ORP value means high sanitizing capability of water. ORP therefore is a very important parameter one needs to measure for Pond water, Swimming pool water and even drinking water. Adding Just chlorine to water might not do the trick of having good sanitizing capability as water with high PH value (around 8 and above) renders any sort of sanitizing capability completely useless. Our Water Quality Monitoring System assists multiple industry verticals with their real time water quality monitoring need.

ORP value is related to the amount of dissolved oxygen in water as well as number of other elements that behaves quite similar to it. Effectively, having high dissolved oxygen content OR High ORP for that matter assist in digesting unwanted elements in water such as contaminants . So ORP value has a sort of direct correlation with dissolved oxygen value. When ORP is less, dissolved oxygen has a low value which effectively means water has little sanitizing capabilities which has a direct bearing on the toxicity of water which is not a right kind of environment for Fish and Human beings to be in water. Swimming pool water should have a minimum ORP of 650 mV to be on a healthy sanitizing side . There was an URGENT need for an automated Water Quality Monitoring System which could assist to monitor above critical water quality parameter.

We at PranisCOM technologies are extremely passionate about giving a clean water to different species as we believe that WATER IS LIFE. Our Water Quality Monitoring System monitors critical water quality parameters in diverse Industrial scenarios. Some of them are

•  Aquaculture(Fish/Shrimp Farming) industry by monitoring parameters like Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen , PH Level , Salinity and many more
• Swimming pools by monitoring parameters like Temperature, PH Level , Oxidation Reduction Potential

With the recent addition of Oxidation reduction potential to the suite of water quality parameters, we believe that we are well positioned to cater to additional industry verticals requiring Automated water quality monitoring capabilities like swimming pools effectively making them smart pools!!



Our Water Quality Monitoring System provides a panacea for online and real time water quality monitoring in diverse Industry situation leveraging internet of things technology.
Please contact us or visit our company website to know more about our pond monitoring system http://www.praniscomtech.com

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