Our Pond Monitoring System Neer Yantra improves productivity and yield in Aquaculture Farming initiative

Pond Monitoring System

This Blog Article depicts in very objective terms the Value proposition of our Pond Monitoring System Neer Yantra on multiple dimensions like Feed Efficiency , Survival Rate , Saving in Operational Cost which has a great impact on the farmers profitability…

The aquaculture farming come with lot of risks due to inefficiencies attached with the manner in which it is conducted around most part of India and internationally. It is currently fighting with the issue of extreme loss in farming yield and productivity owing to diseases caused by unfavorable changes in Water quality Parameters. The loss can occur in many dimensions, in farming Productivity also the yield. The loss is evident from the fact that globally on an average, a farmer looses 2-3 crops out of 5 crops attempted. Due to the utter lack of any technology or a Pond Monitoring System, the farmers are dependent totally on manual means which are highly inefficient. The inefficiencies are evident in the form of following objective parameters:

  • Low Feed Efficiency or High Feed Conversion Ratio
  • Low Survival Rate
  • High Operational Cost in terms of Electricity consumption
  • Low Mean Body Weight

 Feed Conversion Ratio: Cost of animal feed is one of the main cost for the aquaculture farmers consisting about 60-70% of the overall variable costs.. There is an direct correlation between maintaining the right water quality parameters (like Dissolved oxygen, PH level , Temperature , Salinity and many more) and an optimized Feed Conversion Ratio.

Feed conversion ratio is typically a fairly simple calculation to perform, the total weight of feed utilized during the culture season is divided by net production to obtain the Feed Conversion. In a manual farming initiative where no automation is involved, farmers have a reactive mechanism of ascertaining water quality and take corrective action so FCR is usually low(In the rane of 1.5 to 2). With our Pond Monitoring System, it is possible to obtain an FCR of 1.1 to 1.2

Even the smallest variation  in Feed Conversion Ratio  can have a substantial impact on financial margins.

Survival Rate: Survival rate is a survival index of cultured animals in a cultivation process from the beginning of the animal stocked until the animal harvested.

Even a small improvement in the survival rate can have an enormous impact on the overall revenue which the farming initiative generates.

With our Pond Monitoring System, a farmer can expect an improvement in survival rate of minimum 5-10% which can have a substantial improvement in the productivity.

Mean Body Weight: The farming initiative for which good water quality is maintained through automation , the mean body weight of Fish and shrimps can improve. A higher Mean body weight for a given survival rate ensures higher yield and thereby higher revenue and profitability. Therefore, it is an endeavor of any Aquaculture farmer to have a Higher mean body weight so that more revenue can be obtained from a given culture period.

With our Pond Monitoring System, a farmer can expect an improvement in Mean body weight of minimum 10% which can have a substantial improvement in the productivity.


With our Pond Monitoring System, an Aquaculture farmer can expect an increase in Productivity and Yield with efficiencies achieved on multiple dimensions like FCR, Survival Rate, Mean Body Weight

Our Pond Monitoring System provides a boost in your profitability by monitoring the water quality parameters in real time using our internet of things based technology solution called NEER YANTRA.
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