Our Pond Monitoring System Neer Yantra improves productivity and yield in Aquaculture Farming initiative

Pond Monitoring System This Blog Article depicts in very objective terms the Value proposition of our Pond Monitoring System Neer Yantra on multiple dimensions like Feed Efficiency , Survival Rate , Saving in Operational Cost which has a great impact on the farmers profitability… The aquaculture farming come with lot of risks due to inefficiencies […]

Our Water Quality Monitoring System called NEER YANTRA adds oxidation reduction potential as a new water quality monitoring Parameter to improve our industry reach

Water Quality Monitoring system Oxidation reduction potential refers to the ability of water to cleanse itself by making sure that the bacteria that decompose dead tissues and contaminants can work more effectively. If we try to interpret it, a high ORP value means high sanitizing capability of water. ORP therefore is a very important parameter […]

PranisCOM technologies rebrands their Fish Pond monitoring system to better cater to the Indian Aquaculture industry

PranisCOM technologies is a company founded by senior professionals from Logistics/Supply chain, Information technology, Electronics and communication industry. Our passion for cutting wastage in the production and supply chain made us design an internet-of-things based Pond Monitoring system for Aquaculture industry. Indian Government is promoting Aquaculture farming initiative through their Blue revolution effort which intends […]

IOT based next generation Pond Monitoring System take care of your Pond Management

Internet of things technology has taken the world by storm. Right from smart cars to smart cities to Smart home, devices are taking full control of sensing the environmental parameters to bring better monitoring and controlling capabilities to an ever connected users.With a better control over their day-to-day lives , the connected users can afford […]

Neer Yantra Pond Monitoring Solution as a Boon for your Aqua Culture

It is a well-known fact that shrimp farming is a very profitable business but comes with its own share of risks. The shrimps are very susceptible to infections and diseases because of Bacterial and viral infection. Shrimp farmers need to maintain a very strict ambient environmental parameter like Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Salinity, PH, Dissolved ammonia […]

Our Pond Monitoring System increases the range of their sensors to give you a better control of your Aquaculture farming

Our Pond Monitoring System has been carefully designed keeping in mind the problems faced by Aquaculture industry in mind. In case if Shrimp farming which is done in saline water, it is very important to measure the salinity level of water and keeping it within control. An aquaculture farmer should monitor the Salinity level of […]

Following Best Practices in Pond Management with our Pond Monitoring System

Proper pond  management and check on water quality is essential to successful and quality shrimp production. To an aquaculture farmer , the success of shrimp farming initiative is not just limited to increase in productivity but also improvement of yield in the farming.   The goal of any farming initiative is to provide a good […]