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  • Intelligent Pond Monitoring

    Our Next generation Pond monitoring system gives your Aquaculture business the desired edge to drastically improve your operational efficiency by cutting wastage during production,storage and transportation
  • Life saver for your Aquaculture 

    Is low productivity of your Aquaculture farming business a concern for you? You are not alone as globally, aquaculture business
    comes with LOT of risks due to water quality variations exposing you to possibility of heavy losses in your farming yield.
    Do you know how our next-generation Pond Monitoring System can assist you in graduating to smart farming and give you very high return-on-investment?

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  • Water Quality monitoring for your Shrimps

    Aquaculture farming especially Shrimp cultivation has to be constantly monitored so that 
    the Productivity and yield of your farming effort can be maintained. With our Pond Monitoring
    Solution, Aquaculture farming initiative can reap the benefits of technology to its full advantage.

    With our Pond Monitoring solution capable of monitoring high value parameters like Dissolved oxygen,PH,
    Temperature and many more, your farming initiative can be more condition based rather than 
    Schedule based.

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                                                                               Pond Monitoring System 

Remote monitoring  is no more remote, with our Pond monitoring system 

CZIOT Remote Monitoring  platform assists diverse industries to monitor their business’s critical operational parameters. No longer does businesses need to deploy expensive resources to perform  monitoring of assets on critical parameters manually. Our product variant for aquaculture industry called Pond monitoring system gives your aquaculture business the necessary focus it requires by monitoring the critical parameters like dissolved oxygen,PH level, temperature, Salinity , Conductivity etc which are very vital for the survival for your aquaculture species. 

With our cost effective solution, you get immediate return on investment through enhancement in productivity and yield of your farming initiative.

Web and Mobile based Interface for our Pond Management System

With our cloud based Pond monitoring System, you can monitor the health of your ponds from anywhere in the world. Our multi-channel solutions provide both web and mobile based interfaces  with rich set of features which makes you rely on condition based monitoring instead of schedule based monitoring. 

Give your aquaculture farming the necessary push it deserves using our fish pond monitoring system

Insightful Analytics with our Pond Monitoring System

With our complete suit of Pond monitoring System providing your complete range of offerings from ready to deploy device to a cloud based platform, all you need to do is to enjoy a trouble free Fish pond management experience.

Our Pond Monitoring solution also provides insightful analytics on the telemetry data so that you can take immediate corrective action. Our predictive analytics scenarios make sure that you are proactively in control of any unusual situation prior to it going out of control.