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  • Intelligent Remote Monitoring

    Our Next generation remote monitoring solution gives your business the desired edge to drastically improve your operational efficiency by cutting wastage during production,storage and transportation
  • Life saver for your Aquaculture 

    Is low productivity of your Aquaculture farming business a concern for you? You are not alone as globally, aquaculture business
    comes with LOT of risks due to water quality variations exposing you to possibility of heavy losses in your farming yield.
    Do you know how our next-generation technology solution can assist you in graduating to smart farming and give you very high return-on-investment?

     Our Pond Monitoring Solution gives you an answer  !!
  • Environmental Control for high potency Drugs

    The loss of potency during storage may influence the efficacy and safety of pharma drugs.
    In India alone according tothe Central Pollution Control Board, registered healthcare facilities
    generate 4,057 tonnes of waste/day.Pharmaceutical products require controlled storage and
    transit conditions to ensure that their quality is not compromised.

    Our CZIOT solution for Pharma Sector Provides an Answer!!

Remote monitoring  is no more remote, with our next-generation smart solution

CZIOT Remote Monitoring  platform assists diverse industries to monitor their business’s critical operational parameters. No longer does businesses need to deploy expensive resources to perform  monitoring of assets on critical parameters manually.With our smart solution based on internet of things technology, we provide the much needed actionable insights to businesses to reduce wastage in their complete supply chain. With a capability to address a Wide range of parameters, we are well positioned to address our customers need to improve their productivity and return-on-investment.