PranisCOM Technologies Pvt Limited
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We provide technology solutions for compelling business needs

PranisCOM Technologies is a technology company with a vision to provide next-generation solutions to diverse industry verticals leveraging cutting edge technologies. With our team of experts having decades of experience in diverse industry verticals like Information technology, Electronics and communication, Shipping, Logistics, Oil and gas, we are very well positioned to give your business the necessary technology push it has been striving for!!

Our Product

With our next generation remote monitoring solution,Industry verticals like Aquaculture, Pharmaceuticals,Food processing can now cut the wastage in their supply chain dramatically reaping immediate ROI !!

Our Services

With our wide range of services for diverse industry verticals,our customers can reap the immediate benefits of our domain and technology experience to gain immediate competitive advantage.Our services capabilities comprises technology solutions building capabilities for:Logistics and Shipping ,Aerospace

Customer relationship management,Digital Transformation,Automation and many more...