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CZIOT Pond Monitoring Solution As a Life Saver for your Aqua Culture

Pond Monitoring Solution for your Aquaculture 

Is low productivity of your aquaculture business a concern for you? You are not alone as globally , aquaculture business comes with LOT of risks due to water quality variations exposing you to probability of heavy losses.
Do you know how next-generation technology solution can assist you to graduate to smart farming and give you very high return-on-investment? We have a solution for you!!
CZIOT platform automates your water quality monitoring by providing 98%+ accuracy and predictability in water quality parameters having dramatic impact on the yield.

Our Solution:

Capability to monitor Dissolved Oxygen,PH level and temperature as part of standard configuration.
Additional sensors like TDS,Conductivity, salinity can be added on request
CE certified Sensors 
Commitment of 98% accuracy in readings
Coverage of complete supply chain(From manufacturing to retail)
Complete automation completely obviating the need of manual reading collection
Real time alerts through multi-modal communication channels
Advanced rules engine tailored specific to customer’s business.

Cloud based hosted platform with web/mobile capabilities

Actionable business intelligence

Value proposition of our Pond Monitoring solution

In a shrimp pond of  dimensions 1 acre(43560 sq-feets) lakhs of shrimp seeds are placed.
Six months later thousands of kilos approximately of alive adult shrimp are collected.
Product losses are about 40%-50% in number of animals on an average(mostly because of preventable diseases that can be avoided if water quality is controlled)
The revenue and profitability is also dependent on the Shrimp size. Typically 8-10 Shrimp per kg is considered a  good yield
Real-time monitoring at the fish farm could help to cut down the number of animals lost between 20%-25%
Also the Shrimp Size could be improved which has a dramatical impact on the profitability.
The difference of turnover for each crop would be staggering if the water quality is maintained.
Considering the useful life of our device as 5 years, a customer multiplies the benefits with every crop.